Work Here

Whether you have to work or simply enjoy working, the Crystal Coast has opportunities as endless as our ocean for you. Regardless of your skills or interests, Carteret County employers are seeking your services.

If you are self-employed or work for a company that supports remote working, you will find that the Crystal Coast is the perfect place for you to work. The diversity of employment opportunities makes it very easy to find work in Carteret County. Employers across the county have opportunities from trades to manufacturing and technology at every career level.

The Crystal Coast lifestyle — stunning natural beauty and countless outdoor recreation opportunities — makes working on the Crystal Coast far less stressful than working almost anywhere else. Imagine commuting 10 minutes to work rather than one that takes an hour or more. And picture your lunch hour — walking on the beach, enjoying water views as you eat or even going fishing!

Whether you are single, married without children or still have kids at home, the Crystal Coast offers a wonderful quality of life. Job opportunities abound, and with the transformation of the four-lane U.S. 70 to Interstate 42, the Raleigh-Durham area is an easy day trip away. And you can’t beat:

  • The lowest county property tax rate in North Carolina
  • One of the best school systems and healthcare systems in North Carolina
  • Affordable housing throughout the county
  • Spectacular natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities

Shouldn’t you work where you want to live? The Crystal Coast is waiting for you!

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