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Carteret County hits trifecta with great education, top-rated health care and the state's lowest tax rate

Carteret County offers residents and visitors more than just beautiful beaches. With top-ranked public education, a best-in-class health care system, and the state's lowest property tax rate...

Entrepreneurs catalyzing Crystal Coast's growth and generating community support

As local businesses in Carteret County create more local job opportunities, grow their companies, and generate national acclaim, they choose to pour their success back into the community.

Arts, architecture, culture abound on the Crystal Coast

From gallery showings to theater productions to historic buildings, the arts, culture, and architecture scene attracts residents and visitors to Carteret County.

Town of Newport in the Crystal Coast poised for growth

With the Havelock Bypass projected for a 2024 completion, proximity to the Cherry Point military base, plenty of municipal sewer and water capacity, and affordable land for development, the Town of Newport is poised for growth.

Remote workers thrive at the Crystal Coast

Carteret County is the perfect place for remote workers to pursue promising careers while creating a work-life balance like no other.

Carteret County makes a name for itself as a retirement haven

Carteret County has been designated as a Certified Retirement Community by RetireNC, making it the first North Carolina oceanfront community to receive the certification. With resources like the Leon Mann Center and easy access to an active outdoor lifestyle, the county has more than earned its reputation.

The wonders of the Crystal Coast's shoulder seasons

While summer may be the peak tourist season in Carteret County, the shoulder seasons -- stretching from late fall to early spring -- offer a wealth of events, attractions and allure.

Triangle-based Preston Development making large investment in Carteret County

With the development of Beau Coast, Preston Development has brought the live-work-play concept to Carteret County, offering hundreds of new housing options in a variety of price ranges.

Crystal Coast water-based activities offer residents year-round recreation, tranquility

While peak season on the coast occurs during the summer, the bodies of water that surround Carteret County offer residents access to year-round recreation and tranquility.

Crystal Coast is primed and ready for a new generation of skilled workers

As Carteret County continues to grow, the area is in need of and more than ready to welcome skilled workers -- from electricians and plumbers to general construction workers -- to build current and future commercial and residential projects.

Carteret County's rich history still alive in the present

Carteret County's history stretches back hundreds of years, and the communities in the area have unique ways of keeping that history alive today.

Turbo-tourism driving full-time residential growth in Carteret County

For Carteret County, tourists who put down permanent roots on the coast are confirming the turbo-tourism phenomenon and leading residential growth on the Crystal Coast.

Carteret Community College prepares people for life and careers

Carteret Community College is a public community college located in Morehead City that offers 81 programs of study that are helping to prepare students and adult learners for life and career.

5 must-see attractions that make life at the Crystal Coast unique

Whether you're a full-time resident or just visiting for a long weekend, Carteret County offers several must-see attractions that pay homage to its rich history, beautiful location, and marine landscape.

World-class healthcare available in Carteret County through Mayo Clinic partnership

Carteret Health Care is the first health system in North Carolina to become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network and will have special access to the clinic's medical knowledge and expertise.

Carteret County is a global center for marine sciences and research

Home to prestigious marine research institutions from Duke, UNC and N.C. State, the Crystal Coast is a hub for scientists working to address many of our planet's most pressing challenges.

Entrepreneurs work and play at the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast isn't all play -- with local businesses and new growth flourishing, the Carteret County area offers an ideal work-life balance.

Carteret County housing prices make living at the coast affordable

With varied housing options at a wide range of prices, the diverse real estate market in Carteret County brings affordability to coastal living.

7 reasons to live at the Crystal Coast year round

For residents of the Crystal Coast, the gleaming water and lush landscapes are just part of an idyllic lifestyle that locals get to live every day.

Carteret County high schoolers earn highest test scores in NC

In addition to earning high EOG and EOC scores, Carteret County high school students also consistently earn among the highest SAT and ACT scores annually in North Carolina.

Why Carteret County is attracting best-in-class healthcare professionals

Carteret Health Care in Morehead City has been named one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States for hospitals of its peer size -- 200 beds or smaller -- for the last four years.

Proposed interstate will create quicker route to the beach from the Triangle

Beyond being just a faster way to travel between the Triangle and the Crystal Coast, I-42 will be an important highway for freight movements, and it will expedite evacuations when storm events threaten.

Workers welcome at the Crystal Coast - live where you vacation

Life in the Crystal Coast no doubt caters to recreation, but it's also a place that provides work and job opportunities for remote workers, educators, business owners and entrepreneurs, health care professionals, skilled artisans and builders, and more.

How 2 beach goers started a $40 million company on the Crystal Coast

Transportation Impact helps large volume shippers across the globe negotiate best-in-class pricing agreements.


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