Doing Business on the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast offers many resources and opportunities to help you start, grow or locate your business. Whatever you need, the Carteret County Economic Development Department is here to assist you.

Great Resources to Help Your Business Flourish ...

When you choose to do business on the Crystal Coast, you have access to:

  • Cost saving factors, including the lowest county property tax rate in North Carolina and low labor, real estate, transportation and living costs
  • A continuous pipeline of skilled labor with separating Marines from Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and their families
  • Assistance finding qualified workers
  • Assistance creating customized training for your workforce
  • The outstanding bulk/breakbulk/specialty cargo Port of Morehead City
  • Four-lane U.S. 70 (future I-42) connecting Carteret County to I-95, I-40 and the Research Triangle Region
... And The Best Quality of Life

In addition to having resources to help your business be successful, you will have a lifestyle you will enjoy when the workday is over!

Picture starting your day with a 10-minute commute rather a much lengthier one. Imagine your lunch hour — taking walks along the beach, eating with beautiful water views or even fishing!

If your schedule is flexible, you can plan your day around when the waves are the best for surfing or when the tide cycle is great for kayaking or paddleboarding. We have miles of hiking and running paths if that’s how you prefer to unwind.

And, because of the way our beach is oriented, you can see the sun rise AND set every day! Living on the Crystal Coast is simply amazing!

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