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Frank Door WorkerBusiness owners from many states and countries have chosen to move or expand their businesses to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Carteret County is home to 11 incorporated municipalities and many rural townships. Each town and township has a unique personality, and you can choose which place is the best for you and your business.

Some business owners have taken advantage of the Port of Morehead City to import and export their products across the globe. Carteret County welcomes new businesses, and we are here to assist you with your relocation or expansion.

The Crystal Coast offers a unique combination of assets for businesses and their principals:

  • Consistently the lowest county property tax rate in North Carolina (currently $.31/$100 valuation)
  • An incredible coastal lifestyle attractive to business owners and their families
  • One of the top-ranked school systems in North Carolina (second highest SAT scores in the state in 2018)
  • Continuous pipeline of skilled labor with separating Marines from Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and their families
  • An outstanding bulk/breakbulk/specialty cargo Port of Morehead City
  • Four-lane U.S. 70 (future I-42) connecting Carteret County to I-95, I-40 and the Research Triangle Region
  • Excellent electric, gas and broadband utilities at reasonable rates
  • Customized workforce training through Carteret Community College

Veneer Tech workerLower Business Costs

One of the best parts of moving to the Crystal Cost is the cost savings you will enjoy. Crystal Coast companies benefit from a host of cost saving factors, including the lowest county property tax rate in North Carolina and low labor, real estate, transportation and living costs. North Carolina is right-to-work state with one of the lowest unionization rates in the U.S.

Local Incentives

Carteret County incentives are considered on a project-by-project basis and may be offered to support projects that create significant numbers of new, high-wage jobs, new investment and tax revenue. Local incentives, like state incentives, are performance-based. Please contact us at (252) 222-6121 or Don.Kirkman@carteretcountync.gov if you would like more information about local incentives.

Grants and Other Savings

The Carteret County Economic Development Department works with the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) to identify any incentives, grants or other savings for which you may be eligible if you are relocating or expanding your business in North Carolina.

Morehead Port

Photography by Dan Williams

Assistance with Relocating Your Business

For assistance regarding your business relocation or expansion to the Crystal Coast, please contact Carteret County Economic Development Director Don Kirkman or Administrative Officer Kristi Mroch or call us at (252) 222-6121.